July 20, 2022 6:30pm Service (Audio & Video)
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Delivered By
Pastor Lynn Spoon
Delivered On
July 20, 2022 at 6:30 PM
Reaching Our Community
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Reaching Our Community

We live in a world full of choices!
Using every available means to reach every available person at every available time is actually Saturation Evangelism –
Why we usually fish with only one hook: We ask
The wrong question: How much will it cost?
We need to ask; The right question: Who will it reach?
Most churches are driven by faith in the early years and driven by finances in the later years.
1. Money spent on evangelism is never an “expense”, it is an investment.
2. Churches never really have “money problems”, they have idea problems.
Money flows to God-given, Holy Spirit inspired visons and dreams. People do not give to needs, they give to visions. If need motivated people to give, all the Christian colleges in the world would have all the money they want because they all need it.
Hudson Taylor said: “God’s work done God’s way will not lack God’s support.
Personal Exercise: Write down the names of 5 people you are praying will come to know Jesus.
How to Get Started in Targeting our own Community
What do we know already?
How can we learn more?
Partition: What are the major segments of our community?
Prioritize: Choose which group to go after first – Who has God called us to reach?
Does this match who we are?
Position: Develop a clear image of the type of church we want to be. Based on who we want to attract!
If we are to reach the group God is calling us to reach:
What strengths do we already have?
What strengths do we need to develop?
What changes will we need to consider?
Targeting your Community for Evangelism: Fish for the kind of fish you can best catch!
It’s easier for your church to teach some people than it is others. That’s why we need all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people to get the job done.
How do you determine who your church can best reach? Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What kind of people are we already reaching?
If they find somebody like themselves, they’re more likely to stay.
God made you to be you. He didn’t want you to be anybody else.
2. What kind of person am I?
Your background, your temperament, your experiences are not an accident. You can best reach people that you relate to! Your greatest contribution will occur when you match your target. You attract what you are not what you want.
Options when your church doesn’t match the Community
1. Build on your strengths. Just keep doing what you’re doing but just try to do it better. So just try to build on your strengths.
2. Reinvent the congregation. That is where you intentionally change the makeup of your church to match the new target. In other words, you were traditional reaching a certain age group, but now you’re going to be more contemporary to reach this other age group. You turn everything upside down. I DO NOT ADVISE THIS! If you do this, be prepared for war.
3. Start new congregations to reach new groups. I highly recommend this one. You can do it in one of two ways:
One, add a new service. Don’t kill your old service. Just start a new one to reach a new group.
Two, sponsor another church. How do you know when you’re physically mature? You have the ability to reproduce.

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